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Techincal specifications

Wheels: 12.4 x 46" radial tires

Brakes system: composed by 4 discs and two pistons callipers.

Maximum height: 4,10m

Maximum width in transport position: 3,80m

Side lock system to avoid accidental openings.

Gauge: 2,62m

Clearance: 1,55m

Maximum boom height: higher position: 2,3m - Lower position: 0,80m

Width of work | models: 28m - 30m - 32m - 34m - 38m

Optional: carbon fiber boom till 48m

Fuel tank capacity: 275Lts.

Product tank capacity: 3500Lts.

Clean water tank capacity: 280Lts.

Loading system and spraying pump driving operation placed on the same side of the machine. Independent circuits.

Spraying circuit

Tank filling average time: 16 minutes

Nozzel holder: brand ARAG | Quintuple type for 35 cm distance – Simple for 52.5 cm distance.

Línea de pulverización: picos a 35 cm o a 52,5 cm.

Spraying line: nozzles placed at 35 cm or 52,5 cm distance. 28 m boom - 5 sections

30 m / 32 m boom - 9 sections

34 m - 36 m - 38 m boom - 11 sections

Hydraulic steering with Load Sensing

Hydraulic agitation system (shaker)

Spraying pump: brand HYPRO, model 9303C-HM5C w/556 litres/minute hydraulic motor

Loading pump: brand HYPRO, model 9342P-HM5C-5SPR, w/780 litres/minute hydraulic motor

Control with PWM valve

Hydraulic system’s pumps

52 litres hydraulic pump for the activation of the spraying pump.

38 litres hydraulic pump for the activation of the steering, ladder, side locks, rear hitch, boom height lock, opening / folding at 45° and filling pump.


Two models:

-Cummins 6BTA 5.9 174 HP at 2500 rpm.

-Cummins 6BTA 5.9 152 HP at 2500 rpm.


Manual: EATON Fs4205 5 shifts gearbox - EATON differential relation 43/7 w/high - low electronic command.

Automatic: Allison shifts gearbox - EATON differential relation 39/6 w/high - low electronic command and PoweShift. 1 ½” reinforced chains.


-Material: polyethylene

-Capacity: 3500 Lts.

-Clean water tank capacity: 280 Lts.

-Average filling tank time: 16 minutes

-Easy and comfortable operation of the tank commands.

-Mixer for products loading.

-Hydraulic agitation system.


Steel structure and fiber glass bodywork

Pressurized cabin with set of activated carbon filters.

Great open view.

Adjustable steering column to reach the better driving position.

Integrated seat and armrest equipped with pneumatic suspension and regulations.

Armrest equipped with joystick to activate functions and Power Shift selector.

Hanging pedal set.

7” touch screen including the general information, on-off lights and hydraulic functions.

Hydraulic functions can be performed from the touch screen or key-can placed on the side panel.

Air conditioning and heater system.

USB - 12V attachment

Auxiliary seat.


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