Excellent performance for a more effective harvest.

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Loading volume: 27.500 litres Capacity of load (wheat): 22T. Unloading speed (Litres): 9,166 litres per minute. Unloading speed (wheat): 7,33T/min. Total Unloading speed: 3minute Minimum potency required: 118HP / 120 CV. Unloading tube composed in two pieces (480mm diameter inner interchangeable tube – outer tube) Folding bottom plates opening system 100% retractable at 90° with an external handle to open/close and automatic lock when close. Chassis: tubular structure of micro-alloyed steel. Bodywork with low profile to the side of the unloading tube of the combine. Gearbox: made in steel with normalized gears in oil bath, effectuating the simultaneous driving of the vertical/horizontal augers by means of ASA 80-2 chains and heat treated sprockets - Relation 1:1 – 540RPM. Open/Close unloading valve marker. Unloading tube vertical augers: directly driven by the gearbox. Horizontal augers: driven by a 1” transmission chain ASA 80-2H. Transport axles with changeable spindles. Tires size: four dish rims for 23.1 x 30” tires. Lower gate for fast unload. Front fast-unload gate with a spout for bagging. Tool box. Water tank with soup dispenser. LED rear lights. Roll-over tarp system. Optional: scale system.

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