The largest model of our range.


Loading volume: 43.750Lts | Wheat load: 35T | Tractor requirement: 150HP (minimum) PTO: 540 RPM

Unloading tube diameter: 480mm. Inner tube to be replaced under waste conditions. Unloading speed (Litres) 9.166 Litres/minutes Unloading speed (Wheat) 7.33 Tones/minutes | Full to Empty unloading speed: 4.5 minutes

Axles | Tires Front axle: Equipped with steel turntable and reinforced drawbar. Rear axle: Can be shifted front/rear for load transfering. Tires size: 30.5L 32" (4 units) | BKT or with similar loading capacity.

Transmission: Unloading tube auger commanded by oil bath gearbox relation 1:1 Bottom auger: ASA 80 - 2H 1" chain

Rear bumper Plastic toolbox 20Lts water tank Roll over tarp Lights: Standard LED at the back | Spotlight on tube.

Folding bottom plates: Folding/unfolding operation manually operated Quick - unload front gate: Standard with spout for bagging.

Optional: Electronic scale Tires size 30.5L 32"




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