Mixer Wagon AMR 10

Strong and reliable for diary work.


Type: horizontal. Mix and distribute, not suitable for chopping. Capacity: 10 m3 approximately 4500 kg (mix of forages and grains). Progressive helical type upper augers. Lower auger of the finned or butterfly type. Approximate mixing time: 6 minutes. Power take-off: from tractor by cardan bar with European community type protections. Transmission: with chain reduction (ASA 80 and ASA 100-2) Power required approx .: 100 HP. Thin sheet metal hopper structure and monotubular chassis with screwed transport shaft and variable position. Commands: hydraulics from the tractor cabin (opening of the discharge conveyor belt, side gate and control of the conveyor belt with hydraulic motor). Replaceable screwed inner hopper bottom and bottom worm outlet tailgate and screwed bottom). Fairings made of GRP (fiberglass) Interior coating with anti-rust and exterior anti-rust and polyurethane paint.

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