Suitable for any brand or model of combine. Different rows spacings.

High performance even in down corn conditions.

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Row quantities and distances: 7 rows to 20 rows at 52.5cm or from 6 rows to 14 rows at 70cm - Special distances (42cm - 76cm - 90cm, etc.). Safety clutches: the header has individual clutches per gearbox, placed on the main shaft that drives all gearboxes and one clutch individual clutch for the auger.

Rolls: made in cast steel and designed for high performances and long lasting. They’re placed on the gearbox without any bearing on front. Roll cover plates: made in folded steel sheet. Those pieces avoid the weed rolls up on the roll and create a gap between them. This gap can be regulated by a mechanical manual set (standard) or a hydraulic command to be operated from the combine.

Gearboxes: they have heat treated gears and aluminium housing. The lubrication is made by anti-dripping grease.

Bonnets: The complete set of bonnets can be folded up giving to the operator full access to the gathering chains sector.

New design of bonnet’s fixing system securely lock them during transport and reduce the time to change their position from transport to work and vice versa.

All bonnets and tips are made in high impact polyethylene bringing less weight to the header and less friction with the plant. The lateral bonnets have an effective design making the sides higher to avoid the losses of spikes.

Chassis: reinforced and with a bolted combine adaptor.

Transport trailers available for all models.

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