Low weight and smooth functioning.

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Row distances: 13 to 21 rows at 52.5cm Special distances (91.4cm – 76cm – etc) and lengths up to 40’. Pans: made in folded steel with great depth which decreases the losses of spikes. Also includes side sliding plates to regulate the row width according the crop. Snapping rollers: with a sawn form on its entire lengh pushes the plant down. Mill: have metal fingers in a helicoidall shape on the length of the shaft and also rubber plates to take out the spikes from the pans. Upper Screen (shield): with hydraulic regulation to adjust height and position according to the crop conditions. The operation forward/back of the screens brings a better performance in high crops cause as the spike goes back it won’t be threshed by the mill. Auger: helicoidal type (wing height 100mm / pass 480mm) generates a slower motion of the spikes decreasing the threshing damage percentage. It is made in two parts with central bearing housing. Cutter bar: commanded by an oil bath gearbox which produce alternative moves, includes welded and forged pan supports and 70-30-6 blades riveted to the bar. Transmission: by means of the PTO shaft connected to the combine. Inside the header the transmission is made by ASA 50 – 60 – 50 chains respectively for the auger, the mill and the snapping rollers. For the gearbox has ASA 80 chain and type “C” belt. Transport trailer: models of single axle or models with two/three axles with steering type avant train. Rear axles with leaf spring suspension and dual rims for tires size 6.00 x 16” or 6.50 x 16” Each trailer has a hydraulic system manually operated to modify the position of the header on its trailer, to be coupled to the combine or placed for transport. Adaptors: made in folded steel, bolted to the frame of the header and manufactured for any brand and model of combine. Coating: anti-rust primer and poliurethanic paint.

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