Efficient and reliable.

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Loading volume: 20,63m3. Capacity of load (wheat): 16.5T. Gauge: 2,80m Length: 8,37m Potency required: 70 to 120HP depending terrain conditions. Tires size: four dish rims for 23.1 x 30” tires. Front axle: its design brings more maneuver capacity and better radius when grain cart is loaded. Also reduces the total height obtaining more stability (tilting). Rear axle: with adjustable position to bring the grain cart more stability during transport. Detachable axle spindles. Unloading: by means of a 400mm diameter tube. Unloading tube folding: using a hydraulic cylinder also has a robust hinge and floating housing that permit a safety coupling. Unloading regulation: is made through a mechanic valve (guillotine type) hydraulically activated. Gearbox: made in steel with normalized gears in oil bath, effectuating the simultaneous driving of the vertical/horizontal augers by means of 1” transmission chain and heat treated sprockets - Relation 1:1 – 540RPM. Optional upper extension to reach 18T

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