Forage Wagon AFO 14

Side and rear unloading.


Chassis: solid type with reinforced structure. Loading capacity: 14m3. Length: 5.580mm. Gauge: 1.470mm. Width transport: 2.350mm. Lateral height: 2.750mm. Tare: 2.760Kg. Tires size: 10.00 x 16”. Transmission: from 540RPM tractor’s PTO connected with the wagon by means of a PTO shaft. That shaft is directly connected to a gearbox which drives all inner chain transmissions. Mills system: it has independent driving enabling to unload the compacted forage and eventually mixing it with other components. Unload: it has the possibility to unload at side through a mechanical conveyor working underneath the mills or it can unload from the back inverting the sense of the moving floor and opening the rear gate. Optional: upper extension.

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