Mower Conditioner DHO 3000

Efficient grass and forage cutting.


Chassis: made in a tubular reinforced structure. Width of work: 3m. Longitudinal Transport: 2,40m. Transmission: from tractor’s PTO connected with the machine by means of a PTO shaft. That shaft is directly connected to a gearbox which drives a rubber belt to move the blades sets. Blade support brackets: the machine has two displaced brackets that allow making total coverage cuts. Those brackets are mounted over adjustable conical bearings with upper/lower greasing points and reinforced seal cover. Blades: it has two separated plates and each one have two fixed blades for crushing and two movables for weed cutting. Blades are made in SAE 1045/1050 steel with hardened material treatment. Height regulation: the standard machine has a mechanic register to regulate or optional can be supplied with a hydraulic cylinder. The regulation can be realized between 20 to 470mm Blades regulation: permit to control the angle of the blades brackets position. Levelling skate: it is bolted to the chassis. Weight: 1.200Kg

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