Universal Corn Header

Suitable for any brand and model of combine. Models till 20 rows at 52.5cm.

High performance even in down corn conditions.

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Low profile conical plastic bonnets and wide input canal for various plants between the bonnets.

Bonnet tips made in Hardox 450 steel to resist the wasting.

Gathering sets with front deliverers rolls turn in higher speed than the gathering chains.

CA 555 gathering chains

Gearbox rolls made in cast nodular iron and placed on the gearbox output shafts. No bearing or greasing point on the rolls.

Each gathering set has an individual clutch. The auger has an individual clutch too.

The plates that cover the rolls can be hydraulically adjusted from the combine.

Each header has a hydraulic coupler according the brand of the combine.

Upper side rolls helps to guide the plants. Speed rolls can be adjusted from the combine.

Bolted combine adaptors and made for any brand/model of combine.

Three speeds available for the gearboxes.

Independent auger shaft with two speeds available.

Transport trailer with turn table and matching the length of the header. Foldable draw bar. Models with two or three axles depending the header model.

Dual wheels with tires size 185 R14”

Rear lights.

Plastic toolbox placed on the trailer beam.

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